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Commonwealth Express (CommEx) | Lexington, KY

Commonealth Express (CommEx) Same-Day Shipping in Lexington, KY

Reliable & Dependabe Same-Day Delivery in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

From daily routes to rush deliveries, the professionals at Commonwealth Express® provide every client detailed attention and are well known throughout the area for their commitment to reliability. Available at, Sharicom Print & Ship - DHL, FedEx, Post Office is also your fast and convenient local agent for Commonwealth Express shipping.

Why Commonwealth Express (CommEx)? We promise safe, reliable, affordable, courier and messenger services with same-day delivery. We have experience with a variety of same-day Kentucky delivery and messenger needs and arrangements for all your delivery needs such as:

Commonwealth Express (CommEx) ships via ground transportation which means you won’t have to pay extra fees for overnight delivery (like the other carriers), so you can SAVE on your shipping costs without compromising delivery speed.

Don’t forget — Sharicom Print & Ship - DHL, FedEx, Post Office keeps over 120 different box sizes in stock along with bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, tape, and everything else you need for any shipment going anywhere. Let us pack it for you-save time and money!

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